Promotional Eco friendly merchandise

We love being green and doing our best to look after the planet, which is why we’re really happy to be able to supply ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly promotional eco products; merchandise that gives our customers eco-friendly alternatives.

Cut back on plastic

The worldwide use of plastic is swamping our planet. Reports suggest that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight. How frightening is that? No wonder then that more and more companies are choosing to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging at the same time as finding better ways to provide customers with the merchandise they need.

Renewable and sustainable

And that’s where our environmentally friendly bamboo products can play an important part. As one of the fastest-growing plants, bamboo regenerates far more quickly than timber forests. Using it means that forests can be saved, making it a sustainable product and the perfect material to make promotional merchandise from.

Durable and reusable

Our promo bamboo eco-products look great too. Strong, durable, reusable (disposable coffee cups are placing a huge strain on the environment) biodegradable and perfect for adding your company branding to, we can supply eco-friendly promotional products in a wide range of colours to perfectly suit you and your business, from bags to T-shirts and even umbrellas.

Branded bamboo products

T-shirts made from bamboo are one of the best ways to promote your brand or business as they give you lots of space for your marketing messages – front, back and each sleeve. Similarly, promotional bamboo umbrellas have a large canopy on which to print your message too and are guaranteed to get lots of use and show off your brand to a wide audience thanks to the rainy UK weather! Promotional bamboo pens are nice to hold and write with and promo bamboo cups are stylish and reusable.

Promote your business ­ – protect the planet

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your corporate image at the same time as helping to reduce waste and pollution, get in touch today!

Why choose us for promotional eco-friendly merchandise?

  • Locally based
  • Speak to a passionate graphic designer one-to-one
  • Ethically sourced items
  • Wide range of promotional eco friendly merchandise on offer
  • Make your business look amazing
  • Fast and secure delivery

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